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Box name BooksWorksSend Years Summary
comp-biography2601979-2001 Technical biography and internet history
comp-programing.txt701977-2007 Programming tools and logic
compiler-design.txt2201966-1991 Computer language Compiler and interpreter design
computer-ai.txt1701968-1985 AI including Expert Systems and related languages (lisp and prolog)
computer-business.txt1001991-2005 Computer business history and strategy
computer-database.txt1601975-1988 Database design and programming and file systems
mixed-books11901901-1997 All sorts
operating-systems.txt701970-1984 Operating system design and Small Talk
programming-1601972-1979 Computer data design and Programming logic
Software-management.txt2001974-1998 Software management, software engineering and object oriented programming
tech+math-books.txt2001964-1992 Basic college math texts and programming books
Number of books=170 Number of Boxes=11
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Books are about: Technical biography and internet history

Goog Angels don't play this HAARPNick Begich1995
Goog D. I. F. FileDonald H. Beil1983
Goog Data Warehousing and Decision Support Pam Roth1995
Goog Data Warehousing and Decision Support, The State of the Art, Volume 21995
Goog Insanely greatSteven Levy1994
Goog Life on the ScreenSherry Turkle1997
Goog Life on the screenSherry Turkle1995
Goog Net GainJohn Hagel III, Arthur G. Armstrong1997
Goog Now or NeverMary Modahl2001
Goog Rebel CodeGlyn Moody2001
Goog Resisting the Virtual LifeJames Brook1995
Goog Software RunawaysRobert L. Glass1997
Goog Surfing on the InternetJ. C. Herz1995
Goog Terminal identityScott Bukatman1993
Goog The DIF file for users of VisiCalc and other softwareDonald H. Beil1983
Goog The elements of friendly software designPaul Heckel1984
Goog The Existential Pleasures of EngineeringSamuel C. Florman1986
Goog The Media LabStewart Brand1987
Goog The Mythical Man-MonthFrederick P. Brooks1995
Goog The pleasure of finding things outRichard Phillips Feynman1999
Goog The virtual communityHoward Rheingold1994
Goog The waves of changeCharles Philip Lecht1979
Goog Uncommon senseMark Davidson1983
Goog Virtual RealityHoward Rheingold1992
Goog Virtual Reality - Through the New Looking GlassKevin Teixeira, Ken Pimentel1992
Goog Where wizards stay up lateKatie Hafner1996