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business-development.txt28111964-2005 About business development
mixed-books11901901-1997 All sorts
Number of books=65
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Goog OLarchiveCrossing the chasmGeoffrey A. Moore1991
Goog OLarchiveExecutive Think TimeEllen Fredericks, Val Williams2004
Goog OLarchiveHow to Get ControlAlan Lakein1984
Goog OLarchiveMastering the art of warZhuge Liang & Liu Ji ; translated and edited by Thomas Cleary.1989
Goog OLarchivePower NetworkingDonna Fisher1992
Goog OLarchiveS-BusinessJames A. Alexander, Mark W. Hordes2003
Goog OLarchiveThe art of warSunzi1988
Goog OLarchiveThe discipline of market leadersMichael Treacy1995
Goog OLarchiveThe Phoenix ApproachWilliam J. Grace1985
Goog OLarchiveThe Warren Buffett wayRobert G. Hagstrom1994
Goog OLarchiveThrowing sheep in the boardroomMatthew Fraser, Matthew Fraser2008
Goog OLarchiveTime tactics of very successful peopleB. Eugene Griessman1994