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Box name BooksWorksSend Years Summary
early-70s-programing-books14111974-1988 Early computer books
mixed-books11901901-1997 All sorts
Number of books=33 Number of Boxes=2
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Books are about: All sorts

Goog A kick in the seat of the pantsRoger Von Oech1986
Goog All the President's menBernstein, Carl, 1944-, Woodward, Bob, 1943- joint author.1974
Goog Computers and the social sciencesAlan Brier1974
Goog Cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and ecology.American Society for Cybernetics.1972
Goog Fantasia mathematicaClifton Fadiman1901
Goog Free rideGilbert M. Gaul1993
Goog Guerrilla televisionShamberg, Michael., Raindance Corporation.1971
Goog I'm O.K., you're not so hotDolph Sharp1974
Goog Information.1966
Goog Introduction to Theoretical LinguisticsJohn Lyons1968
Goog Mass media and mass man.Casty, Alan, comp.1968
Goog My stockbroker is a bumCharles A. D'Ambrosio1971
Goog PoemsThomas, Richard1975
Goog Pragmatics of analoguingLeonard C. Hawes1975
Goog Southeast Asia; history, culture, people.Graff, Edward.1967
Goog The AmericansAlistair Cooke1980
Goog The case against Congress; a compelling indictment of corruption on Capitol Hill,Pearson, Drew, 1897-1969., Anderson, Jack, 1922-2005, joint author.1968
Goog THE HOLLOW EARTH The Greatest Geographical Discovery in HistoryDr. Raymond Bernard A.B., M.A. Ph.D.1960
Goog Think Out of the BoxMike Vance, Diane Deacon1997