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Box name BooksWorksSend Years Summary
comp-biography2601979-2001 Technical biography and internet history
comp-ora2001987-2010 O'reilly books about web programming and database
comp-programing.txt701977-2007 Programming tools and logic
compiler-design.txt2201966-1991 Computer language Compiler and interpreter design
computer-ai.txt1701968-1985 AI including Expert Systems and related languages (lisp and prolog)
computer-business.txt1001991-2005 Computer business history and strategy
computer-database.txt1601975-1988 Database design and programming and file systems
mixed-books11901901-1997 All sorts
operating-systems.txt701970-1984 Operating system design and Small Talk
programming-1601972-1979 Computer data design and Programming logic
Software-management.txt2001974-1998 Software management, software engineering and object oriented programming
tech+math-books.txt2001964-1992 Basic college math texts and programming books
Number of books=200
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Books are about: O'reilly books about web programming and database

Goog OLarchiveA guide to the SQL standardC. J. Date1987
Goog OLarchiveAgent sourcebookA. Caglayan1997
Goog OLarchiveBOTS and other Internet beastiesWilliams, Joseph Ph.D.1996
Goog OLarchiveC - the pocket referenceHerbert Schildt1987
Goog OLarchiveC quick referenceAlan C. Plantz1988
Goog OLarchiveDesigning with JavascriptNick Heinle1997
Goog OLarchiveFirefox hacksNigel McFarlane2005
Goog OLarchiveGoogle Advertising ToolsHarold Davis2006
Goog OLarchiveGoogle HacksRael Dornfest, Tara Calishain2004
Goog OLarchiveHTML manual of styleLarry Aronson1994
Goog OLarchiveInternet agentsFah-Chun Cheong1996
Goog OLarchiveJavaScriptDavid Flanagan1998
Goog OLarchiveJavaScript for dummies quick referenceEmily A. Vander Veer1997
Goog OLarchiveJavaScript for the World Wide WebTom Negrino1998
Goog OLarchiveQuickBooks 2010 for dummiesStephen L. Nelson2010
Goog OLarchiveSams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes (Sams Teach 10 Minutes (Paperback))Ben Forta1999
Goog OLarchiveSQL in a NutshellKevin Kline2000
Goog OLarchiveTeach yourself JavaScript in a weekArman Danesh1996
Goog OLarchiveTiVo hacksRaffi Krikorian2003
Goog OLarchiveXML and JavaHiroshi Maruyama, Kent Tamura, Naohiko Uramoto1999