Environmental and Societal Books

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Box name BooksWorksSend Years Summary
earth-day-env2828**81960-1975 Around and until first Earth Day (1972)
earth-day21818**51969-1981 More books of The First Earth day
economy-utopia1818**41963-1979 Future planning and economic theory
env-distopian-1111251973-1998 Fiction about distopian societies
env-distopian-21818**101924-1977 Fiction about distopian societies
env-history11313**71963-2005 Environmental history and planning
env-housebuilding1212**41974-1992 Solar tech and house building
env-politics1717**51970-1983 Environmental and nuclear politics
foxfire-newage1414**41968-1982 A number of Firefox books and new age philosophy
future-communities11919**61949-1982 Environmental society planning
mixed-books11901901-1997 All sorts
nature166**01965-1976 People in nature
social-relationships11111**31963-1977 Explorations of phycology
sustainabilty-books2121**41963-2010 Sustainability and future planning
urban-studies2020**31960-1974 Urban and society studies
Number of books=262
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Books are about: Environmental history and planning

Goog OLarchiveA guide for the perplexedE. F. Schumacher1977Has
Goog OLarchiveAt the edge of history.Thompson, William Irwin.1971Has
Goog OLarchiveBrave New World and Brave New World RevisitedALDOUS HUXLEY1965Has
Goog OLarchiveBreeds of men; toward the adulthood of humankindBois, J. Samuel (Joseph Samuel), 1892-1978.1970Sent
Goog OLarchiveBuilding the city of man; outlines of a world civilizationWagar, W. Warren.1971Has
Goog OLarchiveCanyon: the story of the last rustic community in metropolitan America.Van der Zee, John.1972Sent
Goog OLarchiveExploring new ethics for survival; the voyage of the spaceship BeagleHardin, Garrett James, 1915-1972Sent
Goog OLarchiveIO Earth Geography Booklet No. 2 Richard Grossinger1972Sent
Goog OLarchiveLiving the revolution; the Yippies in Chicago.Stein, David Lewis.1969Has
Goog OLarchiveMajor problems in American environmental historyCarolyn Merchant2005Has
Goog OLarchiveOpen market operations.Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1963Sent
Goog OLarchiveProceedings of Symposium on Human EcologyU.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE1968Sent
Goog OLarchiveVILLAGE WATER SUPPLYA World Bank Paper1976Sent